badminton terms and conditions
  1. Where applicable the podium presentation will determine the settlement of bets. Subsequent disqualifications and/or appeals will not affect bets.
  2. To Win Match – In the event of any of the named players in a match changing before the match starts then all bets void.
  3. In the event of a match starting but not being completed then all bets will be void, unless the specific market outcome is already determined, or unless there is no conceivable way the game and/or match could be played to its natural conclusion without unconditionally determining the result of a specific market.
  4. For example, a game is abandoned at 20-17: bets on Over/Under 37.5 Game – Total Points are settled as winners/losers respectively, since any natural conclusion to the game would have yielded at least 38 points.
  5. In-Play Point Betting is offered for a player to win the nominated point. In the event of the point not being played, due to the game or match ending, all bets on that point will be void. If the nominated point is awarded as a penalty point, all bets on that point will be void.

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