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All in for responsible gambling

We believe that gambling is an exciting pastime, and we encourage our clients to enjoy it as a form of leisure.

We have policies in place and have partnered with programmes like the National Responsible Gambling Programme to promote safer gambling and reduce the impact of problem gambling on communities.

We are committed to raising awareness and improving safeguards that mitigate risk and minimize harm and promote safe gambling.

Supabets® has adopted technology that monitors betting behaviour and trains staff to identify signs of problem gambling in clients.

Challenge 21

All Supabets® clients must be at 18 years old. Known as the Challenge 21 programme, our staff will challenge any customer or potential customer who appears to be a minor to prove that they are over the age of 18.

Responsible Gambling

Our commitment to encouraging responsible gambling extends to providing information on how and where to access help if clients believe they have problem.

We are committed to providing honest and clear communication about odds and chances of winning and does not:

  • Promote gambling as an effective investment strategy.
  • Does not promote gambling to minors.

We encourage clients to manage their own gaming activities and, if they believe it’s necessary, set self-imposed bans. We offer support to clients who inform us of this voluntary choice.

Should you need a break from gambling then contact us at [email protected] We can help by disabling your betting account for the amount of time you specify. Once that time’s up, you can log in again.

We enforce exclusion provisions whether they are self-imposed, or staff identified clients, they believe have a gambling problem.

If you need more help, we recommend that you to contact one of the following unaffiliated organisations for assistance: 
National Responsible Gambling Programme
The National Responsible Gambling Programme contact details are available at our branches and on our website. The Programme also provides training programmes to our employees from time to time. We encourage clients with gambling problems to find help through the National Responsible Gambling Programme.

Operated by the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) in partnership with gambling operators and regulators the National Responsible Gambling Programme:

  • Offers treatment, counselling, and public education programmes.
  • Offers treatment through a toll-free counselling line for problem gamblers and people affected by their problem.
  • Offers free psychiatric consultations and access to debt counselling, mental health, and addiction treatment services.
  • Develops awareness campaigns aimed at at-risk gamblers. 


Gamblers Anonymous SA
  • Gauteng: 060 624 7140 / 081 874 1249
  • KZN: 083 783 5715
  • W-Cape: 079 368 4477

Identifying a gambling addiction

Answering Yes or No to the following statements may help to identify whether you are a compulsive gambler or not.


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