Supabets® is obligated to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI).

This is especially important in a highly regulated industry like sports betting. During the normal course of business we collect, process and secure personal information of clients and staff and business proprietary information of service providers.

All confidential information the company holds is treated as confidential and we undertake to protect privacy and ensure information is used appropriately, transparently, securely and in accordance with applicable laws.

As it applies to client personal information, Portapa 2 (Pty) ltd t/a Supabets® undertakes:

  • To only use confidential information for the purpose for which it was disclosed.
  • To safeguard and treat client information as private and confidential.
  • To ensure the proper and secure storage of all confidential and disclosed information.
  • Not to, without the prior written consent, disclose or reveal any confidential or disclosed information to a third party:
  • Other than employees who are required, in the course of their duties to use such confidential or disclosed information, except where required by law or by a governmental or regulatory body to do so.
  • To make its employees aware of the obligations resting on us in relation to any confidential or disclosed information as may be deemed necessary to enforce such obligations on its employees.
  • To take any actions and measures, as may be required by law or by a governmental or regulatory body, to protect all confidential or disclosed information.
  • Not to force the disclosure, revelation, or exchange of any information to us or our employees; and
  • To, on written request of the discloser, destroy, delete, or remove from its records any confidential or disclosed information received from the discloser.


Supabets®’ commitment to protecting the privacy rights of Data Subjects in the following manner:

  • Cultivating an organisational culture that recognises privacy as a valuable human right.
  • Developing and implementing internal controls to manage compliance risks associated with the protection of Personal Information.
  • Creating business practises that will provide reasonable assurance that the rights of Data Subjects are protected and balanced with the legitimate business needs of Supabets®.
  • Training staff in the desired behaviour and directing compliance with the provisions of POPI and best practice.
  • Assigning specific duties and responsibilities to control owners, including the appointment of an Information Officer to protect the interest of Supabets® and Data Subjects.
  • Raising awareness through training and providing guidance to employees who process personal Information so that they can act confidentially and consistently.


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