supanumbers bet types
Classic Lotto:

  1. Will state weather a bonus ball is included or not. Results will be based from the main set of balls drawn.

Bonus Ball:

  1. Will be drawn from the bonus ball set (Example Powerball drawn from 1/20)

Bonus Ball Groups:

  1. Bonus Ball to be drawn in the group ranges. Each draw will be different and according to the bonus ball set.

High Low Duel:

  1. High or More low balls to be drawn and will exclude the bonus ball. Will be depended on the bonus set of the draw.

High Low Bonus:

  1. High and Low will be stipulated on the selection of the SupaNumber draw in question.

Odd/Even Row:

  1. All balls drawn to be Odd or Even. Bonus will be excluded from this draw.

Crazy Lotto:

  1. Predict the numbers that will not be selected.


  1. Combination of Numbers can be selected, and various combinations will be selected for the Numbers that have been selected. The combination will not include the bonus if it is drawn from a separate ball set..

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