Nascar/bush racing terms and conditions
  1. Outright Race Betting
    1. The Field includes any driver who is not listed. Any drivers who do not qualify for the race will be deemed no action. The race must be run within one week of the scheduled off time for there to be action. The official Nascar winner of the race shall be the winner of the race for wagering purposes (this includes all races which are halted prematurely for any reason).
  2. Race Driver Match-Ups
    1. All match-ups will be settled as per the official Nascar result. If one driver fails to complete the race then the other driver will be declared the winner. Where both drivers fail to complete the race then the number of full laps completed will determine the result. If both drivers fail to complete on the same lap then the official placing as assigned by the controlling authority will determine the result.
    2. Both drivers must start the race (e.g. cross the start line) for bets to be action. If any driver is replaced before the start of the race then all match-ups will be void. For example, Driver Gordon qualifies in 1st place but due to injury is replaced by driver Brack (all bets void).
    3. If a driver is replaced during the race then bets will stand on his replacement. For example, Driver Gordon starts the race but due to injury is replaced after 10 laps by replacement Driver Brack who then finishes the race and places 4th. In the race standings and for betting purposes Driver Gordon would be credited with a 4th place finish.
  3. Race Props
    1. Race props will be settled on official Nascar results. E.g. cautions, caution laps, lead changes, number of leaders, winning car etc. If a race is shortened and no official results are posted then all bets will be deemed no action.
    2. For all markets, for customers ease, we will endeavour to grade all wagers at the conclusion of the race on the unofficial result. However we reserve the right to alter any wagers which may be affected by the official results as displayed on
  4. Qualifying
    1. Qualifying match-ups are based on qualifying times (quickest times) and not the starting line up. For example, positions 37th to 43rd will be decided on times and not on any other criteria. If two or more drivers have an equal qualifying time then the driver with the higher grid position will be deemed the winner.
    2. Bets will be void unless the driver starts the qualifying lap. If any driver fails to start then bets are deemed no action.
    3. In the event of qualifying not being completed then all qualifying bets will be no action. All props will be settled on official Nascar results unless otherwise specified.
  5. Future/Season Bets
    1. All prop futures are deemed action when drivers qualify for at least 27 races. Outright Drivers Championship will be deemed as action when driver has qualified for at least 27 races.

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