50% Deposit Bonus



Get your 50% deposit bonus before time runs out!
This is a limited offer up to a maximum of R1,000.

Here’s How it Works

Make a deposit between Thursday 10am and Tuesday 10am
(16 May 2024 - 21 May 2024) and we will reward you with a 50% deposit match of up to R1,000.

Rediscover the thrill of playing with Supabets!


  1. This offer is only for select users.
  2. Offer valid from Thursday at 10am to Tuesday at 10am (16 May 2024 – 21 May 2024)
  3. Only users who receive personalised communication of the promotion qualify for the bonus.
  4. Only one deposit will be eligible for the bonus.
  5. Only single bets on sports can be placed with bonus money.
  6. Real money deposited will need to be played before the deposit bonus will show.
  7. User to receive 50% of the value of their deposit, up to a maximum of R1000.
  8. Funds will need to be played four times at odds of 14/10 or better before they can be withdrawn.
  9. If any bonus money is used to cover and take advantage through staking on more than one outcome on an event the entire bonus and all its winnings will be removed. Example: on a 2-way market if you cover more than 50% of the outcome you will forfeit your entire bonus
  10. On a 3-way market if you cover more than 33.33% of the possible outcome your bonus and all its winnings will be removed not only for the bets in question.
  11. All 1st-time withdrawals from bonus money will only be processed through EFT to the bank account of the Supabets Account holder.
  12. Bonus funds to expire if not fully transferred to main wallet within 15 days.
  13. Participants must be over the age of 18.
  14. Participants must have a SUPABETS account to qualify.
  15. Participants SUPABETS account must be successfully FICA’d.
  16. The promotion applies to online customers only.
  17. Winnings are not transferable.
  18. Supabets reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time.
  19. Promotion is subject to our terms and conditions as detailed on our website.


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