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Levert Sibeko

July 21, 2023

Traore answers the question: which Premier League footballer is the most muscular. Unfortunately, chatter and praise from commentators about that imposing physique may be his legacy if he doesn’t deliver on the threat he brings to the wing and the promise of his talent.

Sadly, for now, the former Wolves winger is more likely to be compared to Tottenham talent, Aaron Lennon (without the muscles). Lennon and Traore had two major things in common, their robust pace and shocking end-product. Traore needs to change his game soon or he’ll find himself cast out from high profile football.

Traore always looked promising with the ball at his feet, and he generally strikes fear into the average defender. Better players learnt they could happily allow Adama to fly past them, certain that his crosses, potential assists, and shots would be easily dealt with by defenders and goalkeepers.,

His loan move to Barcelona in 2021/22, where he made hardly any starts, did little to enhance his reputation and the Catalan giants declined the option to sign him permanently at the end of his stay. After a five-year period with Wolves, he only managed 14 goals, but the 27-year-old has time to rejuvenate his career and maybe a potential move to Italy could be ideal for him.  

Traore’s two late goals against Man City in 2019 might be his best moment for Wolves, but there’s still time to do more and Inter Milan could give him the platform to create more moments. There should be other clubs interested as well. Saudi Arabia is the place that’s scooping players away, but time will tell us where Adama will be plying his trade soon.

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Transfer Talk

Former Wolves winger Adama Traore is a free agent and in search of a new destination to have his arms oiled up and ready to run.

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