Different motivations. Same unrelenting drive. Get to know the powerhouse leaders of the Gauteng Lionesses.

COACH: Anele Kledi (41)


Why did you want to become a coach and how would you describe your coaching style?

I will start by saying I was never a great player but could read the game. I believed that I can help players by getting everybody to their individual peak and performing to their full potential, by Setting Goals for them and me, by Motivation and Leadership

My coaching style is creating love for the game, for the players to enjoy, but and staff to stay focused and retain attention from the start of the process.

What qualities do you look for in your players and team captain?

  • Dream (purpose) – goals, guide to our intended end
  • Culture – working as a team (low, mid and highs working as a team)
  • Duties – what is required/ expected from us.
  • Roles – playing basketball.
  • Leadership – influence, role model (on & outside court)
  • Membership – belong and represent.
  • Resources – be available.

Describe one of your most successful moments as a sports coach?

I remember when I took over coaching Eagles, when teams had to stop us from getting to 100 on scoresheet, the greatest final ever in my coaching, Mandeville packed, winning series in 2020.  Gauteng Lioness winning the women league against NWP with big margin and all my ladies representing the U25 national team for qualifiers.

Describe your approach when it comes to teaching new skills and techniques?

  • Wheelchair Control – with & without the ball
  • Dribbling – with & without the ball
  • Passes – when and how
  • Shooting – using the board correctly (BEEF)
  • Picks – When, how and reading the situation
  • Pick & Role – When, how and situation
  • Seals – When, how and reading the situation
  • Screens – When & how

What is it about coaching in the NWWBL that makes you excited and keeps you motivated?

Coaching players that always looking forward to learning, adapt to new things, create fun of everything they do or needed to be done.  Creating the culture of inclusion, ready to compete, goal driven and roles models.  Creating their own brand, breaking records, and mostly enjoying what they do.


CAPTAIN: Ongezwa Hagu (23)

Playing since: 2018

Classification: 4.0

Disability: Osteo Femur

Tell us a little about your journey to the league?

When I first played in the NWWBL it was a very hectic time, the time of the pandemic that stopped many activities in the country including wheelchair basketball.

  • First year in the league, the Lionesses team came in third place.
  • Second year we came in second place.
  • Third year we won the league and became the champions of the NWWBL.
  • This year we are looking for positive results as we are working hard to maintain and protect the title.

Why did you choose basketball?

I chose basketball because of love and passion I have for it. I chose basketball because it gives me a chance to represent my country. It gives me a chance to explore the world I chose basketball because it is one of the ways to get mental and physical fitness.

In sport, the goal is to win. Is this true for you or are their other goals that are just as important?

Yes, it’s true, winning is important, but to win as a team. My goal was to play for South Africa, and I have achieved that. Now I must work hard to secure my selection.

Is there a team or player you are looking forward to playing against? And why?

I’m looking forward to playing against all the teams because I want to see if the hard work that we’re putting is working for us or we still need to work harder by comparing this year’s performance to the previous games with each team.

What are your strengths as both a Captain and a person?

I am self-disciplined, responsible a good listener and I can work with people. I am resilient to failure.

What does ‘playing’ in this league mean to you?

Playing in this league means a lot to me. It means that women in sports are recognized. It means that there are people who want to see and help me to achieve my dreams and desires.

What is one important lesson you’ve learned from your time in playing wheelchair basketball?

Basketball has taught me teamwork, hard work, to strive for excellence and achieving goals. In wheelchair basketball I learned to respect and understand different people, starting from their disabilities, beliefs, religions, and behaviours. All in all, I can say that from wheelchair basketball I have learned the spirit of Ubuntu.


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Different motivations. Same unrelenting drive. Get to know the powerhouse leaders of the Gauteng Lionesses.

  • Name: Adama Traore Diarrar
  • D.O.B/Age: January 25, 1996 (27)
  • Current: ClubWithout Club
  • Position: Attacking – Right Winger
  • Height: 1.78m
  • APPS/GS/GA: 373/31/51
  • Contract Expires: Free agent
  • Interested Clubs: Inter Milan / Saudi Arabian Clubs

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